2.4. Features

2.4.1. Community Edition

The Community Edition of PSI is feature packed and capable of solving a wide variety of different piping problems. The following is a list of its primary capabilities:

  • Modeling of major piping components such as Runs, Bends, Reducers, Valves, and Flanges.

  • Ability to specify section and material data properties for different cross-sections.

  • Access to a variety of different support types including Anchors, GlobalX, GlobalY, and GlobalZ.

  • Non-linear support capability excluding gaps and friction.

  • Assign loads such as Weight, Pressure, Thermal, Wind and Seismic among others.

  • Static linear analysis of loadcases and combinations.

  • Stress evaluation based on B31.1 piping code.

  • Movements, support reactions and internal force results.

  • Open source and free to use.

  • And more to come…

2.4.2. Enterprise Edition

All the features available in the Community Edition of PSI are also included in the Enterprise edition by default. In addition, the features listed below are only available with the upgraded version.

  • Access to all element types, such as bellows.

  • Comprehensive section and material database.

  • Valve and flange weight database.

  • Additional spring vendors for spring selection.

  • Pipe support gaps and friction.

  • Support for additional codes and standards.

  • Dynamic modal, response spectrum and time history analyses capabilities.

  • Trunnion analysis.

  • Nozzle evaluation for various equipment.

  • Compability with other pipe stress programs such as AutoPIPE and Caesar II.

  • And more to come…

In addition, the Enterprise Edition is subjected to rigorous verification and validation, going far above and beyond the Tier 1 textbook examples employed for the Community Edition. A 3-tier approach is used to throughly benchmark the software for a variety of different test cases.


The Enterprise Edition is in active development. To learn more about it’s status and pricing setup please email me directly. Users who are very satisfied with the Community Edition and/or need the added feature set are welcome to inquire.