5.2. psi.settings

Default application settings.

A configuration object is created when a model is first instantiated. The program will use the model settings defined in the configuration instance.

Application and model settings may diverge over time due to different versions. When the software is updated new application settings will be merged with the model settings to ensure backwards compatibility between version. Note that application settings in this context are the settings in this file with respect to the latest version of the software.

5.2.1. Configuration

class psi.settings.Configuration(default_units='english')

Default model settings.

  • units (str) – Define the model units. ‘english’ by default.

  • vertical (str) – Define the vertical direction for the model. ‘y’ by default.

  • stress_case_corroded (bool) – Use reduced thickness to evaluate pipe stresses. Reduced pipe wall is not used for sections property calculations.

  • bourdon_effect (bool) – Include bourdon effects.

  • pressure_thrust (bool) – Include pressure thrust effects.

  • liberal_stress (bool) – Use liberal stress allowable for expansion stresses.

  • weak_springs (bool) – Include weak springs for numerical stability.

  • nonlinear_iterations (int) – Number of iterations for non-linear supports per loadcase.

  • translation_stiffness (float) – Support stiffness used in the translation directions.

  • rotation_stiffness (float) – Support stiffness used in the rotation directions.

  • axial_force (bool) – Include axial force due to structural loading for code stress calculations.

  • tref (float) – Reference temperture used for thermal expansion calculations.

  • timoshenko (bool) – Use Timoshenko beam formulation accounting for shear deformation.

  • version (str) – Latest software version.



Export the current model settings


Import settings from an outside source


property units